KefirWorkshop, september 17th

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The next Kefir Workshop is saterday September 17. From 13:00 till 15:00.

✔ What is Kefir?
✔ Try my special flavors for they are tasty!
✔ The basic recipe and taking care of the culture
✔ Second fermentation, bubbles with yes or no
✔ Understanding the ingredients for the second fermentation
✔ How to keep the kefir healthy?
✔ Create your own bottle of soda

The workshop takes 2 hours and costs 25, – per person. You go home with a big preserving jar filled with Kefir grains and you have brewed your first Kefir using second fermentation. There is enough milk kefir to share.

Registration for the workshop:
Send an email to with your name and phone number. You will get a confirmation mail asking for a deposit of € 10, – to guarantee your place at the workshop.
Houtrijkstraat 114
1013VH Amsterdam

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