Kimchi Workshop

chinese kool als basis voor Kimchi

You are eating a great bowl of vegetable soup with Kimchi while I tell you about the history en methodes of making Kimchi. After the presentation you make your own fido-jar of Kimchi.
We taste a lot and make choices in ingredients.
Kimchi is a fermented Asian delicatiesse. The traditional recipe can be found in many variations on the  Internet. In this lesson we make a spicy vegetarian variant. Serve with rice but also in a cup of soup!

  • What cabbage to use
  • What salt do you use?
  • Why crushing your vegetables?
  • And of course there to taste everything.
  • How long does it take?
  • What could go wrong?

De workshop cost 25 euro. You take home a fido jar filled with sauerkraut.
We sell wooden mashers for 5 euro a piece.