Sauerkraut Workshop

12540832_1719829498253690_4349623361587367562_nYou will learn the basics of fermentation during this workshop. We will make our own jar of sauerkraut. Offcourse home-made food tastes the best. But, did you know that one portion of home made sauerkraut contains as much probiotics as a jar of pills? (source: nourishingplot) Probiotics do not come cheap! One more reason to make it yourself.
During the workshop we will taste various fermented vegetables and Kimchi.

  • What is brine?
  • What kind of salt do we use?
  • Why bruise your veggies?
  • Lots of tasting
  • Why use whey as a starter?
  • How much time does it take?
  • What can go wrong?

De workshop cost 25 euro. You take home a fido jar filled with sauerkraut.
We sell wooden mashers for 5 euro a piece.